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Get Your Car Fixed and Look Better Than Ever At the Best Car Repair Workshop Abu Dhabi.

Did you get into an accident and got your car scratched? No problem. With our car body repair in Abu Dhabi, we’ll get your vehicle back in shape no matter how bad the damage.

Get That Shine Back

If you’ve hit or crashed your car, it can be devastating to see it all beaten up, fearing it may never be the same. But, you’ll be surprised what an experienced mechanic and a good pair of tools are capable of.
With Ratio Garage, you’ll get the best car body repair in Abu Dhabi. Our team of experts will thoroughly examine your vehicle and make the repairs necessary to make your car look better than before.

Car Scratch Repair Abu Dhabi

Reversing too quickly, scrubbing too hard, or moving through tight spots; there are many ways a car can easily encounter scratches. Once you get your car scratched, it can ruin the overall finish of the vehicle.
But, no need to worry as we’ve handled tons of clients with car scratches and developed an effective process to give you a smooth and hassle-free car scratch repair in Abu Dhabi every time.

Affordable Rates

Buying and maintaining your car is already expensive, so we provide our customers with affordable rates. At our workshop, you can expect your car to be back in shape quickly with the best body and car scratch repair in Abu Dhabi.
Once you bring your car in, our mechanics will inspect it and give you a quote with competitive rates based on the repairs needed. We’ll also suggest additional changes for your car to reach its maximum potential.

24/7 Accident Assistance

The scary thing about accidents is that you never see them coming. No matter where you are in Mussafah, you can book a call with us and bring your vehicle to our car repair workshop in Abu Dhabi, and we’ll fix it up for you without any hassle.

Whether It’s Just a Scratch or A Major Crash, We’ll Get Your Car Repaired In No Time
  • How Can I Get a Quote for My Car?
    Once you bring your vehicle to our car workshop in Abu Dhabi, our team will chat with you, and we’ll have a good look at your car. After the inspection, we’ll make things to get done and send you a quote. If everything seems fine, we’ll proceed, and you’ll get your car in sharp shape. You can contact us here to get a quote.
  • What Happens If I Don’t Change My Oil?
    Your car needs lubricant to keep the vehicle running smoothly. Without oil, your car won’t be properly lubricated, which can lead to your car breaking down and leaving sludge in your engine. Over time your engine will be more susceptible to wear and tear and eventually break down. Our auto workshop in Mussafah has experienced mechanics who can change your car’s oil to prevent it from future damage.
  • How Often Should I Get my Brakes Checked?
    Faulty brakes can be dangerous and even result in accidents or life-threatening situations. You should get your brakes checked often by a professional mechanic who may suggest a solution if your brake pads are worn out. Our mechanics can check your brakes and inspect the thickness of the brake pads to ensure a safe, smooth journey.
  • Why Does My Car Need a Coolant Flush?
    A coolant flush is essential to keep your car from overheating. The coolant is installed in a car to prevent it from overheating; if this gets worn out, it can develop gunk and ultimately break down over time. So, a coolant flush is used to restore the coolant, so your car isn’t subject to overheating in the future.
  • How Much Would It Cost to Paint and Repair My Car?
    How much a paint and repair job would cost depends on many factors. If you want a more accurate estimate of how much it would cost and how long it will take to get it done, you can contact us for more details and a quote.
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